Professional Sensual, Erotic & Tantric Massage for Discerning, Liberated Women | Durban & Cape Town

Your Therapist | Tristin David

Undeniably skilled & gifted in the art of massage and full body pleasure for Women, Tristin is a highly qualified therapist, who is passionate about massage and 100% focused on the pleasure and satisfaction of his clients.

​In his presence you will find him to be charmingly friendly, easy going and a pleasure to speak with.
The guy you can share your deepest, darkest desires with, without having to worry about feeling
judged or criticized.

Tristin is extremely sensitive to a woman’s unique needs and understands that every woman is different but all equally amazing & beautiful in their own way, regardless of physical appearance. In fact, that is the least of his concerns as it is your attitude towards the experience of this form of pleasure and your open mindedness to explore that he is more concerned with.

Communication and total honesty with regards to expressing your expectations and requirements is crucial to allowing this amazing therapist to provide you with the decadently delicious stimulation and satisfaction your body craves and desires.

​Because each woman’s sexual responses, turn ons and erotic preferences are different, it is essential that you convey these ahead of your session so that it unfolds into the magical experience you sought all along.

Your Therapist - Tristin David - Sinfully Sensual


Available daily from:
08h00 till midnight

Strictly by appointment
Based in Durban but also
operating in Cape Town
every few months

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