Sensual Massage for Women

A full body massage with mild stimulation and a lot of sensual teasing & awakening.
A perfect option for those who are a little shy or timid & wanting to take things slow at first.

Erotic Massage for Women

A full body massage with a lot more stimulation & contact between therapist & client.
Can become very intense at times so not for those who are faint of heart.

 Tantric Massage for Women

A slow, intimate and deeply connecting full body massage that focuses on awakening
your Kundalini energy(a healing form of energy which lies dormant within us all) & in doing so assists in nurturing you physically, emotionally & spiritually. Includes Yoni Massage. Prepare to have your inner goddess worshipped.

 Yoni Massage for Women

Yoni is the Sanksrit word for the female genitals & this massage technique is akin to a beautiful form of worship of the Yoni through skillful touch & stimulation. Yoni Massage is traditionally performed during a Tantric Massage but it needs not be limited to this style. It is therefore often included in every massage offered through Sinfully Sensual

Body2Body Massage for Women

Maximum contact between therapist & client whilst still maintaining the essence of a real full body massage. Think of it as a variation & combination of Nuru Massage for Women with a few elements of Thai Massage as well. Adds a naughty twist to the sessions & is extremely arousing.

Fantasy Massage for Women

You set the tone according to your secret desires & fantasies. Carry along your costumes, toys or whatever other props you feel necessary to act these out in your 1-on-1 session with me.

Cuddle Sessions for Women

The demand for Professional Cuddling Services has increased significantly over recent years and this stems mostly from the huge deficit in human touch. People are literally touch deprived & yearn for human contact. Touch is a basic human need, essential for survival as well as physical & mental well-being.

You may choose this option as a standard service, where touch is purely platonic and not erotically intimate, as is the case with most mainstream Cuddling Services or you may choose a more Sensual/Erotic Cuddling Service, a customized option that aligns more closely with the services offered through Sinfully Sensual.

Call: +27 76 963 7786

Private & Discreet Mobile Massage Service for Women in Cape Town. Outcalls to Hotels & Homes.

Available daily from:
8h00 to midnight

Strictly by appointment!

Based in Cape Town but also operating in Durban every few months

Sexy Woman's Legs with Panty Slipping Off - Sinfully Sensual Massage for Women in Durban & Cape Town
Sensual, Erotic, Tantric & Yoni Massage for Women in Cape Town | Sinfully Sensual

If you are not sure which massage style to choose from the Massage Menu, call me on +27769637786 to discuss your specific needs & I will then be able to recommend the best treatment or combination for you

Not sure what something means or entails?

There is no such thing as a silly question, so please feel free to ask me anything.
It is best to have a clear understanding of what is what and how things work so that you can minimize any
unnecessary anxiety or nervousness before your session. Anxiety & nervousness only serve as barriers to
your total pleasure & could create difficulty in you reaching orgasm…we certainly don’t want that, right?

However, if part of the reason you require my skills & expertise is due to an ability to reach orgasm,
it is important for you to know that you are not broken & that this is a more common issue
than you can imagine. This is a condition I can assist you in improving so don’t be too hard
on yourself if you fall into this category. Very often the pressure you place on yourself
to climax can actually scare your orgasm/s away. Relax, breathe, surrender…

Terms you may find useful

Yoni: the Sanskrit word for vagina, vulva, womb, source. Also a symbol of the Goddess Shakti, consort of the God Shiva, whose equivalent is the Lingam

Anorgasmia: regular difficulty reaching orgasm after ample sexual stimulation

Vaginismus: the body’s automatic reaction to the fear of all types of vaginal penetration causing the vaginal muscles to tighten on their own as a defense mechanism against penetration

Dyspareunia: persistent or recurring genital pain associated with sexual intercourse

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: a low level of interest in sex that leads to distress

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