Professional Sensual, Erotic & Tantric Massage for Discerning, Liberated Women | Durban & Cape Town


Available daily from:
08h00 till midnight

Strictly by appointment
Based in Durban but also
operating in Cape Town
every few months


Sinfully Sensual is an Exclusive Adult Pamper & Pleasure service that caters specifically to Discerning, Liberated & Open-Minded Women who wish to explore their
Sensual & Erotic Desires in a
Private & Discreet manner,
with No Strings Attached.

Sinfully Sensual is operated solely by Tristin David, a highly-skilled Male Touch Therapist who specializes in:

Sensual Massage for Women

Erotic Massage for Women

Tantric Massage for Women

Body2Body Massage for Women

As a client, you get to experience some of the most deliciously detailed & decadently pleasurable Sensual, Erotic & Tantric Massages in existence,
over unrushed durations of
2, 3 & 4hrs
(or longer).

This ensures that every inch of your body is given the attention it deserves & desires, thereby allowing you to enjoy thorough pampering pleasure, exquisitely designed to arouse & stimulate your senses unlike any other massage ever could.

Your pleasure is the priority…it’s your right & reward​

Whether it’s your career, your partner or your kids, as a woman, you are very often putting everyone else’s needs 1st while usually neglecting your own.

 Now is the time for this to change…”cum” escape into a world where all the focus & attention is solely upon you. Surrender to the sheer pleasure and tantalizing
stimulation your body so rightfully deserves.

Yoni Massage & Nuru Massage

Where? Who? Why?

​Sessions are generally conducted in the privacy of your venue but if this is not an option for you, an alternate private venue can be arranged. This could either be a discreet Hotel suite or a private massage studio. Of course, if you are in Durban on business/holiday & already staying at a Hotel, this would be perfect.

A beautiful source of pleasure and bliss for highly stressed career women needing an outlet to release their tension, frustrated ladies who are not getting the required satisfaction & attention from their partners, those needing some excitement to spice up their relationships a little bit or
even single women who crave the pleasure & intimacy of touch without the complications & demands of a relationship. 

Choose from a range of exquisitely skillful Sensual, Erotic & Tantric massages that will awaken your senses & heighten your awareness of your body’s pleasure responses like never before. 

This is not cheating but an opportunity to receive a professional full body treatment
that will cater to your body’s needs
& desires in a tasteful,
Professional, Private & Discreet manner.​

No Strings Attached, just pure pampering pleasure with a little extra to tease & delight you ;)​

Don’t settle for less than the best,
Sinfully Sensual is the only name
a Discerning, Upmarket Woman
needs to know when she seeks
unrivaled skill & quality from a
Touch Therapist who is attentive to her needs & desires and is passionate about providing decadent pleasure.

Let's Face It, Life Is More Fun When You're Wet - Sinfully Sensual Massage - Durban & Cape Town

Things to be aware of
before you proceed:

  • This service is For Women Only
  • All sessions are strictly 1on1
  • I will NOT engage in ping pong texts
    or discuss rates & details via text.
    If you are serious about experiencing
    a session, it is necessary to call me directly to discuss details. Only text or email me in the event of me not being able to take your call.
  • I am happy to assist women of all races, sizes & ages but will NOT tolerate racism. It's a mental sickness I don't want in my space.
  • If you are a man wanting to make a booking for a woman, text me 1st to get permission to call.
Your Session - Beautiful Woman Lying Face Down on Massage Table


Tristin David - Professional Touch Therapist for Women - Sinfully Sensual Massage - Durban & Cape Town


Don't Tell - Our Secret - Shhh Lips - Sinfully Sensual Massage for Women in Durban & Cape Town


Featured client testimonials

“Tristin, you are a truly gifted guy with yummy hands. I enjoyed every second of my session from the 1st touch to the last orgasm. It was simply amazing & well worth repeating.
Thank you so much for being so patient & understanding in the beginning.
I felt very comfortable & undeniably relaxed around you. See you again soon & thank you thank you thank you!!! Mmmm…I’m getting tingly just thinking about your touch…”

One Totally Satisfied Lady

“The best massage therapist I’ve ever had. A great man whose wish is to make his customer happy and lets the lady set the boundaries. Your magic hands are missed –
what a life-changing experience!”

International Addict

Sensual, Erotic & Tantric Massage for Women in Durban & Cape Town. Yoni Massage & Nuru Massage for Women in Durban & Cape Town. Massage Spa Near Me, Massage Near Me

“You are simply the best and so out of this world. thank you for taking me to heaven…..”


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Based in Durban, South Africa

Sinfully Sensual is a Private & Discreet Adult Pamper & Pleasure service for Liberated Women. Please do NOT enter if you are under 18, if you are a racist, if you are a prude or if you are a man trying to book this service for yourself. It's NOT going to be happen!



Although the service is based in Durban, Sinfully Sensual also operates in the Mother City at different times of the year. If you are a woman based in Cape Town & would like to experience a session, call Tristin on +27 76 963 7786 to discuss your requirements or fill in your email address at the end of this form to be added to Sinfully Sensual's Cape Town client list. You will then be informed of any upcoming Cape Town booking dates.


Please bear in mind that this service is FOR WOMEN ONLY and all sessions are strictly 1on1. No Male Partners will be permitted during your massage session

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