I've never done this before so I'm a little shy & nervous. What can I expect from my session?

I am a fully qualified therapist so you can be assured of the highest level of skill & professionalism from your session. Your boundaries are discussed & set beforehand and then adhered to until such time as you decide that you would like to take the pleasure to a higher level. It is your session after all, so you set the limits whilst I cater to your needs and desires.

How do I make a booking?

1) Simply view the Massage Menu and decide which session/s you would like to experience. You may choose an individual massage style or a combination according to the styles that appeal to you most

2) Call me directly on 076 963 7786 to discuss your specific requirements, boundaries and ask any questions you need clarity upon. Please note that private numbers will NOT be answered so ensure that your number is not withheld when you call

3) We will then need to decide on a suitable date, time, duration and choice of venue for your session, upon which time you will need to secure your intended slot with a 50% deposit via EFT & email me the payment confirmation. Your booking will only be finalized once the payment confirmation is received. The remaining 50% can be paid in cash at the time of your session. You may also opt to pay the full amount upfront via EFT if this is more convenient for you. International clients booking before your arrival in South Africa have the option to pay upfront via a credit card/debit card payment link which will be emailed to you.

4) In order to avoid disappointment and to secure the specific slot you desire, it is recommended that you book as early in advance as possible. Same day bookings are sometimes possible but cannot be guaranteed as preference is always given to clients who have booked and paid in advance for their sessions.

5) An official invoice can be emailed to you upon request if required.

What will the massage be done on?

A professional portable massage bed is used for most sessions but this can be substituted at times for alternate padded surfaces such as massage mats or the firmer variety of futons should you not wish to make use of the massage bed. The massage bed is of course the preferred option as it provides the best support for your spine & is at the proper height to allow the massage techniques I make use of to be more effective & enjoyable for you.

How long will my session last?

 This is entirely up to you & all depends on how much pleasure you wish to indulge in. Sessions generally last from 2 to 4hrs in duration but can be extended if need be. The longer sessions allow more time to focus in greater detail on any problem areas & allow for more combinations of techniques to enhance your overall massage experience.

I battle to reach orgasm. Will you be able to assist me?
Orgasm, multiple orgasm & even female ejaculation are all common occurrences when you are in the right frame of mind. Your chances of reaching orgasm are greatly improved when your body & mind are both totally relaxed & the right form of stimulation is used. This is where I come in & you can be assured of my commitment to helping you reach climax…time & time again 😉
Can I drink or take drugs beforehand?
A little alcohol, like a glass of wine for example, if you feel it necessary to help you relax, is ok, but when it comes to drugs the answer is NO. I am strongly against any mind altering substances & would prefer for you to be in the right frame of mind during your time with me. As a professional therapist, my focus is on your well-being & anything that negatively impacts that is not encouraged.
Can my husband/boyfriend be present?
Sorry but all sessions are strictly 1on1.
A 3rd person whether active or passive can be very distracting for a therapist & in many cases adds unwelcome uneasiness to a session. Your session is about your pleasure and your personal growth, this is rarely possible with a partner present.
Do you cater to groups of ladies?

Yes, I am able to provide back-to-back sessions to groups of ladies at adult pamper parties, hen’s nights or other events up to a maximum of 10hrs. Each session can be customized to meet the specific needs of each lady.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, credit card payments can be processed online but please note that credit credit payments are subject to an additional 5% processing fee. A payment link will be sent to your email address and you can pay via Visa or Mastercard. The preferred payment method is via EFT.

Please note that no booking will be taken without a minimum deposit of 50% being paid upfront in advance to reserve your slot. The remaining 50% can be paid in cash at the time of your session or you can simply pay the full amount upfront if you are serious about making a booking!

Do you travel to other cities?
Yes, although I am based in Cape Town, I do travel to Durban every few months to see clients there and may occasionally travel to Johannesburg & Pretoria from time to time during the year when sufficient bookings are made in those areas by interested parties. I will gladly travel for individual clients if all costs are paid for upfront. In rare instances, I do also travel to select international destinations when the respective booking criteria is met. If you are lady based in a country outside South Africa, kindly email me through the contact page or Whatsapp me on +27769637786

Call: +27 76 963 7786

Private & Discreet Mobile Massage Service for Women in Cape Town. Outcalls to Hotels & Homes.

Available daily from:
8h00 to midnight

Strictly by appointment!

Based in Cape Town but also operating in Durban every few months

Things to be aware of before you proceed:

  • This service is For Women Only
  • All sessions are strictly 1on1
  • I will NOT engage in ping pong texts or discuss rates & details via text. If you are serious about booking a session, it is necessary to call me directly to discuss rates & details. Only text or email me in the event of me not being able to take your call.
  • I am happy to assist women of all races, sizes & ages but will NOT tolerate racism. It's a mental sickness I don't want in my space.
  • If you are a man wanting to make a booking for a woman, text me 1st to get permission to call.

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