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Professional, delivered way more than I expected!
Definitely the best way to pamper yourself

10 out of 10

The best massage therapist I’ve ever had. A great man whose wish is to make his customer happy – and lets the lady set the boundaries. Your magic hands are missed – what a life-changing experience!

International Addict

Tristin, you are a truly gifted guy with yummy hands. I enjoyed every second of my session from the 1st touch to the last orgasm. It was simply amazing & well worth repeating. Thank you so much for being so patient & understanding in the beginning. I felt very comfortable & undeniably relaxed around you. See you again soon & thank you thank you thank you!!! Mmmm…I’m getting tingly just thinking about your touch…

One Totally Satisfied Lady…

Thank you for giving me some of the most amazing orgasms of my life. You have such a soothing and stimulating touch capable of sending warm arousing sensations all through a woman’s body that climax is an inevitable given. Your patience & level of professionalism is greatly appreciated. You have a client for life. Keep it up gorgeous…you’re the best!!!

Pure Pleasure…so Addictive!

You are simply the best and so out of this world. thank you for takin me to heaven…..


Tristin, Wow what can I say. It was out of this world.

Thank you for an orgasmic experience that still leaves me tingling just thinking about it. You are amazing with your hands, touch and and and……You are MY one stop pleasure guy

Satisfied nympho

Sweet, smart and oh so sensual. Thank you dear Tristin for one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life. I had no idea that massage could be so detailed and so incredibly satisfying. You are truly a gem amongst men, I have never met another man who understands the female body as well as you do! See you when I’m back in Durban in a few months 😉

Kara X
New York Minx

I’m not one to be over the top emotional but darling man, you have touched me on a deeply spiritual level with your phenomenal massage skills and warm healing ability. Your clients are blessed to have YOU!

Daikini Delia
Love & Light

Dearest Tristin, you have no idea what a big difference your sessions have done for my self esteem after years of it being progressivey destroyed by a cold, insensitive husband. I have no doubt that you are an angel sent to help me and other women like me. Thank you for being such a bright light in this often gloomy world.

Musgrave, Durban

I enjoyed my time, I felt very safe both before and during the massage. I let go, accepted and enjoyed the most intense pleasure in my whole life. Tristin enjoys the female form , he worships the female body and made sure my pleasure was his only priority. Exceptionally smart, well put together and very easy to converse with.

Reading other testimonials, I agree and believe that his warm healing touch is a must for women. My body went to another level and he was just enjoying giving me a massage and taking his time…

He simply worships

I have never experienced such an awesome experience. Tristin you made me feel so sexy. Thank you for giving me many firsts.

You put me at ease and that allowed me to just go with the flow. You’re brilliant at what you do. I got so much more than what I expected. Will definitely visit you again when I am in Durban

Mind Blowing

Awaiting next testimonial…

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Private & Discreet Mobile Massage Service for Women in Cape Town. Outcalls to Hotels & Homes.

Available daily from:
8h00 to midnight

Strictly by appointment!

Based in Cape Town but also operating in Durban every few months

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